What is the Paris Quest?

Moving to a new city is a life-changing decision. It’s a trip into the unknown. Most of all, it’s an adventure.

Like any real quest it has a beginning, where the hero and his companions leave behind their everyday existence, followed by a journey full of trials and difficulties (the hero often receives assistance through helpers and magical forces). Finally, the hero achieves his goal, which often results in the discovery of self-knowledge (you can simply call it happy ending, if you wish).

The journey is never easy and you must be willing to do two things to achieve your goal: fight when necessary and ask for help when desperate.

My goal is to settle in Paris and my quest began in September 2011, when I moved with my husband and our two boys from Melbourne to Paris.

Every day since has been full of surprises (some amazing some disheartening), encounters and small achievements.


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