The Artist is back in Paris

You’d have to be blind not to notice that The Artist has been released in cinemas all over Paris (or, rather, it has been re-released, as it came out originally in October).

The city has been plastered with billboards calling us to see the film that has enchanted America and magasines featuring the French actors savouring their moment of glory fill every newsagents shop.
Indeed, Michel Hazanavicius’s tale is a brave movie with exceptional performances, an enlightened direction, well-shot photography and a good soundtrack. It is humorous and moving and it well deserves the enthusiastic critiques it has received on both sides of the Atlantic.

the new The  Artist poster - changed to mention the overseas success.

The poster to promote The Artist re-relase in France

I should also mention that is a good French movie to watch at the cinema and if your French is not so good (ever wanted to go to the movies but been put off by the idea of not understanding, on average, 70% of what is said on screen?).

In fact, the first and only words in the whole movie are pronounced just a few seconds before the end. And I can assure you that it really doesn’t matter whether you understand them or not!


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